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Aseptic Isolation Solenoid Valves, Teflon, KEL-F, PEEK, PPS NResearch
Aseptic Manifold Solenoid Valves, Teflon, KEL-F, PEEK, PPS NResearch
Aseptic Safety Relief Valves with Clamp Niezgodka
Ball Sector Valves, NS 1" - 16", DN 25 DN 400 Ramén
Cryogenic Solenoid Valves, down to -452°F VALCOR Scientific
Explosion Isolation Valves Fike
Explosion Protection, active Systems Fike
Explosion Protection, passive Systems Fike
Kst-Bench Scale Tests for Dusts Fike
On-line Monitoring of Liquids for Presence of Contamination VAF Instruments
Pinch Solenoid Valves NResearch
Positive Displacement Liquid Flow Meters VAF Instruments
Pressure Reducing Valves Niezgodka
Rupture Discs, Graphit Fike
Rupture Discs, Metal Fike
Safety Shutt-off Devices for gaseous fuels Kühme
Safety Shutt-off Devices for liquid fuels Kühme
Safety Valves ASME I Sapag
Safety Valves ASME VIII Sapag
Safety Valves, Special Executions for Industrial Burners Kühme
Safety Valves TÜV Sapag / Niezgodka
Solenoid operated Dispensing / Metering Pumps VALCOR Scientific
Solenoid Valves for General Purpose / Industrial applications VALCOR Scientific
Torque Measuring Systems for drive shafts Ø 100 mm and up

VAF Instruments

Tubing and Fittings for NR Valves NResearch
Vacuum and Pressure Relief Valves Niezgodka
Valve Stations, Complete Safety Shutt-off Device Kühme
Valves for Petrochemistry NS 1/4 - NS 3" Robinetterie SACCAP
Viscosity Control Systems for heavy Oil and other Liquids VAF Instruments
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